AQUELLA® waterproofing system

Waterproofing for heavily reinforced soil-retailing walls

The AQUELLA® waterproofing system is an appealing alternative for protecting heavily reinforced soil-retaining walls. It mitigates the cost and disruption involved with typical waterproof concrete solutions for this environment. Instead, waterproofing applicators can use the liquid-applied AQUELLA® system to get protection done right the first time. 


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AQUELLA® 100 is a sprayable membrane for the waterproofing and protective coating for underground soil-retaining walls such as diaphragm walls, contiguous bore pile walls with tightly-spaced rebar protruding out of the walls. It is spray-applied in a sandwich system between two cast concrete structures.

Key Benefits
  • Suitable for applications below and above ground water table.
  • Protects concrete against seawater and chemicals.
  • Weather-resistant
Application Type
  • Penetrative - penetrate within concrete structure
  • Cracks Healing - Blocking fine cracks and micro-fissures in the concrete
  • Good sealability around penetrations on the wall
  • Withstands negative or positive hydrostatic pressure.

High-strength bond

Many tunnel and transit projects as well as structures with deep basements require a sandwich wall system with heavily reinforced soil-retaining walls and connecting skin walls. However, waterproofing densely placed steel reinforcement is difficult. This has left these structures vulnerable to leaks due to damp underground conditions and inadequate waterproofing solutions. GCP developed the AQUELLA® waterproofing system to overcome these challenges — providing a high-strength bond and seal around rebar and tie rod penetrations.

Better for contractors

Until recently, due to limited options, contractors relied on waterproof concrete. However, this approach often caused delays in project handoff and left the structure vulnerable to water infiltration. Moreover, the ongoing regrouting involved with this solution meant added costs for waterproofing applicators and contractors, who had to return to the site for regrouting, dismantling works and replastering. 

Reliable and easy-to-apply

The AQUELLA® waterproofing system provides a reliable and easy-to-apply alternative that helps prevent lateral water migration of up to 10 bar of hydrostatic pressure. This unique, tri-component membrane system was especially developed for waterproofing earth retaining structures, such as diaphragm walls and contiguous bored pile walls. Spray-applied directly on damp substrate surfaces, the system offers:

  • Dual adhesion bond to both the substrate and the poured concrete
  • Excellent weather and exposure resistance
  • A solvent-free system that can be cold applied to eliminate the hassle of hot works permits

Download the AQUELLA® waterproofing system brochure