V-MAR® admixtures

Rheology Modifying Admixtures for Concrete.

V-MAR® admixtures, improve concrete rheology to satisfy the needs of diverse applications. These include improving the segregation resistance of self-consolidating concrete (SCC), reduced washout during underwater concrete placements, zero slump extruded concrete and more. This product family aims to improve the ease and speed of forming and placing concrete.


V-MAR® Product Documents

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V-MAR® 3
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V-MAR® 5
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V-MAR® 6
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V-MAR® 7
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Using V-MAR® 3 (Rheology Modifying Admixture) to Reduce Concrete Pump Pressure
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  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
V-MAR® 5

V-MAR® 5 is a high efficiency, liquid admixture designed to enable production of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) by modifying the rheology of concrete.

Key Benefits
  • Self Placement
  • No Segregation
  • No Blocking
Application Type
  • V-MAR 5 is recommended for use in conjunction with ADVA® superplasticisers to produce Self-Consolidating Concrete.
V-MAR® 7

V-MAR® 7 is a high efficiency, liquid admixture designed to enable production of Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) by modifying the rheology of concrete.

Key Benefits
  • No Blocking: SCC can pass freely through narrow openings and congested reinforcement without aggregate “blocking” behind obstructions that stop the flow of concrete.
  • Easy to dispense liquid admixture. Dosage rates can be adjusted to meet a wide spectrum of SCC performance requirements.
Application Type

Thixotropic improvement for SCC

The first V-MAR® product, V-MAR® 3, was designed as a thickener, or viscosity modifier, to facilitate the production of self-consolidating concrete by increasing the moisture tolerance of the concrete. The thixotropic qualities of V-MAR 3 helps prevent aggregates from segregating in the highly fluid concrete mixtures. V-MAR® 3 is recommended for use with ADVA® superplasticizers.

Underwater construction with minimal washout

In addition to use with self-consolidating concrete, V-MAR® 3 is also widely used for underwater concrete placement for applications including drilled shafts, bridge pilings, surge barriers and more. Underwater concrete construction is difficult due to that fact that cement fines may wash out, resulting in poor in-place concrete strength and harm to aquatic life. V-MAR® 3 will increase the cohesiveness of the concrete and allow it to consolidate underwater with minimal washout.

Improved productivity for zero-slump concrete producers

V-MAR® F100 is specifically designed for zero slump and low slump applications. This formulation of V-MAR® adds lubricity to concrete with low water content. This extra lubricity produces a better looking surface, while enhancing throughput and productivity. The concrete will move through machinery faster, without sticking and tearing the surface. V-MAR® F100 can also be used in conventional concrete to improve cast surfaces and reduce bugholes.

A better way to handle pervious concrete

Lastly, V-MAR® VSC500 is multi-functional admixture designed to treat pervious concrete, also known as no-fines concrete. This material is comprised of coarse aggregate and very little sand, producing a concrete with interconnected voids, which allow rainfall and runoff to drain into the underlying substrate. V-MAR® VSC500 ensures easier batching with less concern for loss of wet loads.  At the construction site it permits faster truck discharge, provides enhanced robustness against ravelling and produces more uniform compaction, all of which lead to faster project completion. The properties that V-MAR® VCS500 impart to pervious concrete have also proved beneficial when used in roller compacted concrete (RCC), allowing contractors to easily overcome technical difficulties and handle these difficult concrete pavements with confidence.