MIRA® LS Admixtures

Reduce stickiness of concrete

Employing the latest patented polycarboxylate technology, the MIRA® LS family of admixtures is specially formulated to reduce the stickiness of concrete. 

Less Sticky Concrete with Improved Workability

Sticky concrete is difficult to place, pump and finish, requiring more labour and time. Concrete tends to be prone to stickiness when it has high cementitious content, low water-to-cementitious content and/or contains poor quality aggregates. MIRA® LS admixtures significantly reduce stickiness of concrete, while delivering slump retention and prolonged setting times.  

Value of Less Sticky Concrete

Both concrete producers and contractors can benefit from a less sticky concrete mix.


  • Delivers less sticky, highly workable concrete
  • Enables differentiated, high strength concrete offering
  • Allows use of challenging aggregates for operational efficiency


  • Accelerate projects and save on labour costs
  • Minimise rework with durable, quality high strength concrete

Technical Service to Resolve a Sticky Problem

The MIRA® LS family of admixtures can reduce the stickiness of any mix. Challenge us to find the right solution for your plant and project. Contact your local GCP representative for a consultation or click “Contact” at the bottom left of this page.